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VIP Parenting

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Welcome to the Silver Bullet of Parenting!

Introducing 5 Weeks of Virtually Informed Parenting support and extensive education for busy parents who believe that parenting can be easier and more enjoyable. Well, guess what? It absolutely will be after becoming a VIP.

The VIP Program will be held on 5 consecutive Thursday evenings, starting July 25-August 22 (Weeks 1-5 of Term 3 for the New Zealanders out there).

What You'll Learn:

Week 1: Child Needs and Development

Understand the fundamental needs of your child and how their development unfolds. Gain insights that will make parenting less of a guessing game and more of a confident journey.

Week 2: Tools for Ideal Development and Wellbeing

Discover practical tools and strategies to support your child's optimal development and overall wellbeing. Equip yourself with the knowledge to create a nurturing and stimulating environment.

Week 3: Harnessing the Spectrum of Emotions

Learn to navigate and manage the full range of your child's emotions. From tantrums to triumphs, gain techniques to help your child understand and express their feelings in healthy ways.

Week 4: Building Resilience and Flexible Thinking

Foster resilience and encourage flexible thinking in your child. These skills are crucial for adapting to life's challenges and emerging with new skills from setbacks.

Week 5: Shaping and Inspiring Great Behaviour

Explore positive discipline techniques and strategies to inspire and shape great behaviour in your child. Learn how to encourage respect, responsibility, and cooperation.

You know that instruction manual you never received in the mail for your child? Well, this is it!

Join the VIP Program and transform your parenting experience. Make the journey easier, more effective, and incredibly rewarding. Secure your spot today!

Sign Up Now and Become a Virtually Informed Parent (VIP)!