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Brain Essentials NZ - Baby Brain Development

Baby Brain - Pregnancy to 24 Months

Major brain development occurs in 3 out of 4 main parts of the brain, in the first 24 months of a child's life.

Brain Essentials NZ - Cheeky Child Brain Development

Cheeky Child - 2 to 8 Years

From 2-8 years a child is primarily functioning from their limbic system, which is the emotional centre of the brain.


latest reviews

We had fun doing several activities... all contained in one easy to read and use book. A big hit in our household, thanks Victoria.

Kirsty , mum of 2 who purchased 'My Amazing Brain'

I recently went to Victoria’s 'Calm Kids, Happy Kids' talk and I cannot recommend her enough. From anyone who has or works with children; from babies through to the teenage years, she has a lot of relevant information and ideas to share. She’s very passionate about sharing her information and delivers it in an easy to understand way. She is always giving examples on how to apply her knowledge to your own day-to-day lives with children.

Casey, Blenheim NZ (Mum of 2)

I loved the length of the movies in 'Cheeky Child'. I could watch one or two while I was doing the dishes or when I had a few minutes to myself. Victoria's real-life examples were awesome! It meant I could relate to what she was saying and made me think I could totally try her suggestions with my kids.

Kim, Masterton NZ (Primary Teacher & Mum of 2)

'Baby Brain' will help me as a parent, because often parenting (especially in the early years) is very much a guessing game. A baby can not tell you what is wrong, so to have a better understanding of how their brain is working and developing, just better equips me with tools I can use to better care for my baby.​The biggest highlight was the neuro-tools. I found these really inspiring.

Caroline, NZ (Business Relationship Manager & Mum of 2)