Brain-Based Activity Book Fundraiser

To run a successful fundraiser, we'll supply you with a promotional poster, a social media image, an order form and a book to display at your school.

You make 20% of all sales! Sell the books to your school or kindy for $35 each (retail) and we'll charge you only $28 each (wholesale), giving you $7 per book.


The more books you sell, the more bonuses you’ll ge

20 books = Get 1 free book for staff use
• 30 books = Get 1 staff book + free delivery
• 50 books = Get 1 staff book + free delivery + 3 bonus books
• 100 books = Get 1 staff book + free delivery + 5 bonus books

Students, Schools and Families will all benefit from this fundraiser

My Amazing Brain encourages specific tools to support developing brains; connection, movement, nature, music, and creativity
It provides simple, screen-free ways for families to spend time together
Children will learn useful tips about their body, brain, and emotions for wellbeing
Parents will receive tips to motivate and support their children
It’s written by an experienced NZ primary educator
Support a New Zealand business that is inspiring quality time between children and their parents

Contact me if you’d like to learn more or have any questions about this fundraising opportunity.

I look forward to supporting your learning community with this brain-based activity book.

How does it work?

Confirm you’d like to take part in this fundraiser.
Email the following information to: 

Name of your school/kindy and logo if you have one 
Contact name, email, and phone number
Address for billing and shipping
Bank account for payment (if you wish to include it on the promotional material)
Number of students enrolled


We’ll send you the personalised information for your school/kindy. Print the poster to send home with each family and place it in key areas for your community to see; the office, in classrooms, and on noticeboards. Email it out to each family and use the provided image on your social media channels to create momentum and awareness. 

We’ll also send you a copy of the book to display in the school office which is YOURS TO KEEP as a bonus (for teachers or the school library) if you sell 20 copies of My Amazing Brain. 

Run the fundraiser for 3 weeks. Families return their order forms to the office and pay the school directly. 

Advise us how many books have been ordered once the fundraiser has finished. Email the amount to who will invoice you $28 per book, including GST. You keep the rest! 

We’ll send the books once payment is received . You distribute the books to your community.

View/Download the Event PDF


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