Brainbow Magnet

Brainbow Magnet

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This stunning A4 Brainbow Magnet is a kind reminder of the spectrum of emotions that kids and adults experience.

It will help you to recognise your family’s emotions, as you train their emotional regulation. 

Every emotion has a purpose but the human brain functions in full-capacity when in the Green and Yellow brain states. It feels calm and safe in these brain states! 

When in the Purple, Blue, Orange and Pink Brain states, the brain feels threatened and unsafe. Higher level-thinking and learning go out the window in these brain states! 

So, the Brainbow Magnet was created to HELP YOU notice emotions and and TEACH YOU best ways to respond in order to return to, or remain, in the Green and Yellow brain states. 

  • Pop it on your fridge
  • Have family members place an individualized magnet under one of the brain states to show how they’re feeling 
  • Build emotional awareness by using the EMOTIONS vocabulary 
  • RESPOND as suggested on the chart 

It’s the perfect addition to your family’s emotional support kit.