We have these amazing mammalian brains that have been biologically passed down through thousands of years of ancestors.

The brain we've been born with is WIRED to seek certain situations and experiences, becuase they ENHANCE OUR SURVIVAL. When we do things that ENHANCE OUR SURVIVAL, our brain rewards us with 4 brain chemicals that FEEL GOOD.

They include:
❤️OXYTOCIN... which we get from close relationships that make us feel safe and loved. We need this at birth to survive and crave it thoughout our lifetime.

🏆SEROTONIN... which we get from being in groups with people we consider to be good leaders, OR when we're recognised as a leader OR as a valued member of the group. Being socially connected and valued enhances our chance of survival.

🏋️‍♀️ENDORPHINS... which is actually pain relief that we get from pushing ourselves physically or when injured. Being physically fit enhances our resilience and longevity and the pain relief element gives us time to get to safety when injured. (Cave people needed this often!!)

✅DOPAMINE... which we get from finishing things and getting stuff done. This encourages us to push ourselves and complete things, even when it's hard, e.g. find food, make shelter, things our ancestors needed to survive.

🧠Are YOU getting daily bursts of these integral brain chemicals? What about your KIDS??

ALMOST everyone of their crazy/challenging/frustrating behaviours are their way of SEEKING these four feel-good chemicals! So, next time their behaviour is triggering a negative response for you, zoom out, take a breath and try to work out which of these feel-goods they might be seeking.

That intense attention-grabbing behaviour is a small mammal who wants to connect with you for some OXYTOCIN. They want to feel safe and loved, so make eye contact with them, give them some focused time and some love.

The child who is yelling "LOOK AT ME MUUUUUUUUM", wants you to notice their amazing playground stunts, which will give them a burst of SEROTONIN because they value your approval.

The child who never seems to want to pack up might respond REALLY WELL to a checklist or list of pictures that they can tick and feel proud to have completed, giving them a burst of DOPAMINE.

A lethargic child lacking energy will feel energised and euphoric after physically moving to get some ENDORPHINS! Play with them, chase them, be active together so they associate moving with having fun with you. 

Get yourself familiar with these 4 integral brain chemicals so you can use this knowledge to understand what you and your small mammals are seeking/lacking and why. It's so much easier to empathise and be patient with their challenging behaviours when we understand WHY and can help them with their needs. 

Victoria x