Bring The Fun Indoors!

Bring the Fun Indoors!

As the temperature drops, it's natural for parents to seek ways to keep their children engaged and entertained indoors. When outdoor adventures are limited by cold weather, it's the perfect opportunity to embrace the warmth and comfort of home with with your small humans. Read on to explore a variety of engaging and screen-free indoor activities that will banish those winter blues and bring the fun indoors.

1. Connection

PLAY GAMES TOGETHER! Board games, puzzles and card games are a fantastic indoor activity. Re-live your childhood with your old faves or learn a new one like Monopoly Bid. Playing games with your kids is a fantastic way for them to learn and follow rules, takes turns, and develop patience and resilience while winning and losing.

Store the games somewhere accessible so that your kids can see and grab them easily when they want to play. By playing with them many times, you will help them be able to one day play independently with friends or siblings.

Do you have a copy of My Amazing Brain? If you do, you'll find  Play Games on page 30.

2. Movement

Unleash your child's inner explorer by setting up an indoor obstacle course. From couch cushion mountains to floor is lava, kids will be sure to design an exciting adventure that challenges their physical abilities and sparks their imagination.

Set the boundaries (e.g. no jumping on my couch!!), let them know what they can and can't use and be sure to test out the course too. For an extra element of fun and challenge, you could time each kid as they complete the course then challenge them to beat their own time. 

If you have the book, Obstacle Course is on page 48 of My Amazing Brain.

3. Nature
Introduce your children to the wonders of natural art materials. Collect leaves, sticks, stones and shells from your local parks, river or the beach to use for nature art and for drawing on, instead of buying more than you planned in the aisles of Kmart! It is quite amazing watching children arrange their treasures on pieces of paper or within a frame. It doesn't cost a cent and when you're done, return it to nature and not the landfill like all those Kmart creations eventually end up in.

If you have it, Nature Art is on page 70 of My Amazing Brain.

4. Music
Turn up the music and let the rhythm take over! Dancing is a fantastic way to release energy and have a blast together. Hold the ultimate dance party in your living room, complete with playlists and silly dance moves that will leave you all in fits of laughter. If your kids are anything like mine, they will spend ages making up dance moves to their latest song! Don't feel like you have to play THEIR music all the time either, share your own musical timeline with your kids and make sure they're familiar with the songs you loved from different stages of your life. 

Just Dance is on page 86 of My Amazing Brain.

5. Mindfulness 

It's important for kids to learn to slow down too so encourage them to create a space in the house where they can chill and be still! They could make a comfy spot by a window using cushions and a blanket, to sit and observe the sky, clouds or trees outside. Allow them to make a hut in their wardrobe, under a table or somewhere quiet that they can go when they want some time by themselves to read, draw or build LEGO. 

Being mindful is about zooming in on the present moment more than usual, so quiet time by themselves for a few minutes can be a great way for kids to do this.

Cloud Watching is on page 68 of My Amazing Brain.

6. Creativity

Start collecting cardboard boxes and packaging instead of adding them to the recycling. Store them in a big box in your garage then when the opportunity arrises, the kids can get creating! A pirate ship, a dolls house, a cat scratcher! If you teach your kids the basics of cutting, folding, scoring and sticking, they'll be doing this task independently in time. 

Cardboard Creations is on page 108 of My Amazing Brain.

So, don't let the cold weather dampen your family's spirits. With these exciting indoor activities, you can create a world of fun and laughter right in the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to boredom and embrace the opportunities for connection, exploration and creativity indoors. 

If you don't have the My Amazing Brain Book yet, order one today! It was created to help families like YOURS to do simple but mighty activities that trigger healthy connections in the brain.

My Amazing Brain is great to use all year round but as a parent, I know it's extra helpful to have fresh ideas for the Winter holidays ... for the rainy days, the tired days and the OH MY GOSH THEY'RE CRAZY, days!

Victoria Jenkins from Brain Essentials is a mother author, presenter and brain-based educator who teaches parents about brains, emotions and resilience because these things help to grow great humans!