4 Tips To Emotionally Regulate Parents... YES YOU!!

As a parent, emotional regulation is key. You don't want to be like a shaken-up can of coke, ready to explode at any moment. So, let's learn some tips on how to regulate your emotions and keep your cool using humour.

Tip 1: Take a breather
When you feel like you're about to lose your cool, take a deep breath. And I mean a really deep breath, like you're about to blow out birthday candles on a cake. Just make sure you're not in a public place, or people might think you're about to pass out.

Tip 2: Count to ten
If taking a deep breath doesn't work, try counting to ten. And I mean really counting to ten, not just saying the numbers in your head. You can even use your fingers to help you count. Just be careful not to accidentally flip someone off.

Tip 3: Laugh it off
Sometimes, the best way to regulate your emotions is to just laugh it off. So, the next time your kid does something that would normally make you angry, try laughing instead. It might just be the release you need.

Tip 4: Use positive self-talk
When you're feeling overwhelmed, try using some positive self-talk. Tell yourself things like, "I can handle this," "I am in control," and "I am a great parent." Just make sure you don't accidentally say these things out loud in public, or people might think you're talking to yourself.

Emotional regulation is important, but that doesn't mean it has to be all serious. Use these tips with a little bit of humour, and you'll be a pro at keeping your cool in no time. And if all else fails, just remember that parenting is basically just one big improv show, and you're the star. So, embrace the chaos and have fun with it!

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Victoria Jenkins is the educator and creator at Brain Essentials. She lives in Queenstown, New Zealand with her husband and two live-wire kids. Victoria is an author, presenter and public speaker who's taught primary school kids for 20+ years. She is passionate about educating parents so that their kids have better outcomes.

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