Build Brilliance and Calm the Crazy (event)

Build Brilliance and Calm the Crazy (event)

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Build Brilliance and Calm the Crazy... with Proactive Parenting

-Do you want to learn ways to encourage your child's potential?
-Do you need effective strategies to encourage and inspire them?
-Would you like some ideas for coping with the emotional rollercoaster of parenting?

The children you are raising are mammals! This means they have many mammalian traits and instincts which determine how they:

If you know and understand these traits and instincts you can use them to YOURS and THEIR benefit, creating a parenting win-win!

Come along to learn:
-the science behind emotions and effective ways to respond
-a model for developing emotional resilience
-growth mindset ideas
-a proactive approach to parenting

    This event will be held on 1st September, 7-8:30pm at Whitney Street School Hall, Blenheim.

    BOOK TODAY, we have limited tickets available for this event.